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Warehouses for rent for companies

Warehouse space rental with logistics services for companies lets you avoid problems associated with managing your own warehouse.
it can be cost efficient and, contrary to what you might expect, provide better control over the level of stocks or movement of goods.


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    Our capabilities

    Our warehouse space is perfectly optimised for working with big clients.
    We have implemented modern solutions that allow us to work efficiently and cater for even the most demanding clients.

    We have implemented warehouse management systems that enable us to avoid delays and losses while providing our tenants with the opportunity to control their goods location, and thus, precise oversight of the level of their stocks.

    Our offer is flexible – we have warehouses for rent in attractive prices, but most of all, we provide complementary services that improve your business activity.

    We employ specialists highly qualified in warehouse management – this lets us act faster and avoid losses of our clients’ materials.

    Our every warehouse is equipped with air conditioning systems, which make our warehouses suitable for storing various types pod products,


    Do you have any questions? Would you like to learn more? Contact us! We will provide you with all the answers you need.

    Benefits of renting a warehouse (B2B)

    Choosing to rent a warehouse with logistics services instead of operating your own warehouse has many potential advantages.
    In many cases, renting a warehouse space may enable a company to improve the management of resources, to control the costs more effectively and reduce the expenses associated with distribution.

    The warehouses for rent with logistics service generate predictable costs - they do not increase rapidly, there are no additional expenses for periodic maintenance or servicing of cargo handling equipment, and there is no risk of unexpected employee recruitment costs due to personnel rotation.

    You can decide to rent warehouse space in a location that is more suitable for the planned distribution area. A manufacturing company based in the South may find warehouses for rent in Pomerania to deliver products to customers based in the North faster,

    When you decide to rent warehouse space, you can flexibly adjust the warehouse size - increase it or decrease it according to the provisions of contract (or sign a new contract), which cannot be done in case of your own warehouse.

    Why is it worth choosing to rent a warehouse with logistics service for companies from Langowski Warehouses?

    We offer companies warehouses for rent and logistics service in excellent location and we are very flexible regarding space rental.

    • Our great experience enables us to prepare customised offers and solve non-standard problems.
    • Many locations differing in rental price and conditions allows us to choose the best option for you.
    • Warehouses for rent vary in size and we always give you the opportunity to tailor the complementary services.
    • We take great care of the goods entrusted to us.

    If you seek above-average solutions and want to make a profitable decision, you are in the right place.

    What services and features are available in the scope of warehouse rental?

    WMS – real time control of stocks

    The WMS allows the tenants to control the level of stocks in real time regardless of the warehouse location.
    Not only does it enable you to oversee the warehouse operation, but also to plan your production or orders.

    Complementary services

    Goods that enter the warehouse may be repacked there or otherwise prepared for further distribution.
    Containers with semi-products may be deconsolidated, individual elements can be combined into sets and labelled according to the provided model – it all depends on the capabilities of a particular warehouse.


    Warehouses for rent can play a role of reloading warehouses, where the supplied goods are unloaded and loaded onto a different means of transportation and, for example, delivered to regional distribution centres or individual retail stores.

    How to start cooperation with us?

    The warehouse space for rent and comprehensive logistics services offered by Langowski Warehouses is available for small, medium and large enterprises – if you have big needs, we will find an appropriate warehouse for you.

    • Contact us using the contact form or by phone.
    • Tell us what you expect from a warehouse and additional services.
    • We will prepare a customised offer for you.
    • Sign a contract and use the warehouse as your own.

    We want to minimise the formalities, but we also care about transparency.
    Each of our warehouse spaces can be perfect for you, but if you have any questions, you can ask them at any time.

    Warehouse for rent with logistics service for companies - Langowski Warehouses

    Our warehouses for rent are waiting for you – your company may be closer to your customers and suppliers with little cost and very high level of certainty.
    Talk to us, we are eager to tell you how renting warehouse space with comprehensive logistics service from Langowski Warehouses may help your company.


    Call, write, visit us or use the contact form.
    Provide the basic data and tell us what you need.
    We will respond to your message as soon as possible.


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