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Langowski Warehouses is a network of 4 class A+ storage and transshipment warehouses with the total area of 51,000 m2 in key locations in Poland: Gdynia, Gdańsk, Warsaw (Pruszków) and Łódź. Modern warehouses with logistics services, customs warehouse and temporary storage warehouses supported by own Customs Agency, as well as a network of operational warehouses all over the world.

Langowski Warehouses provide services dedicated to warehouse logistics Langowski Logistics Sp. z o.o.





Our services

Warehouse rental

We offer warehouse space rental services including full logistics service in four Polish cities – configurable storage space, high level of safety, and comprehensive warehouse operation provide a perfect solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. With our professional support, you do not need your own warehouse.

B2B offer

We offer our Clients comprehensive and customised services. From warehouse space rental, through full range of services: unloading, segregation, storage, completing, labelling, co-packing, palletising, shrink-wrapping, loading and comprehensive preparation for shipment.


We offer our Clients full e-commerce service. From collecting goods from suppliers to organising shipment to end customers. Our warehouses for rent are equipped with the most modern equipment. We also have an e-commerce WMS module with that can be integrated with courier services through BaseLinker API.

Who is the intended user of out warehouse rental services?

Small and medium-sized enterprises

Investing in own warehouses is usually too much of a burden for small and medium-sized business, especially if the storage space would be used only occasionally or episodically. Equipment maintenance and hiring additional personnel is much less profitable than renting storage space in an advantageous location.

Web stores

Good location of our warehouses, efficient work organisation and well trained personnel, alongside the modern equipment, allow us to provide full-scale e-commerce service in virtually every industry.

Clients looking for temporary increase of their warehouse space.

We rent some of our warehouses on short-term basis, which lets companies of any size remain flexible, smoothly manage their stocks or find an alternative solution, for example, during repair or renovation.


Do you have any questions? Would you like to learn more? Contact us! We will provide you with all the answers you need.

Why is it profitable to rent a warehouse?

No need for increased labour costs

By renting a warehouse, you can be sure that you will always get proper service, and you can decrease the labour costs in your company.

Storage space flexibility 

Building and maintaining your own warehouse means fixed cost. Choosing a warehouse with logistics service, you only pay for the actually rented space, which improves the workflow in your company. An additional advantage is saving your time. We will handle everything comprehensively so that you can concentrate on developing your business. 

No maintenance costs

By deciding to rent a warehouse, you do not need to worry  about the maintenance of the equipment or invest in your own machines and IT solutions.

Why is it beneficial to rent storage space from Langowski Warehouses?

The best locations in Poland

Our warehouses with full logistics service are located in strategic cities in Poland. We have modern class A+ warehouses for rent in Gdynia, Gdańsk, Warsaw and Łódź.

Comprehensive support and additional services.

All our warehouses have been designed as state-of-the-art A+ storage facilities, and out Clients’ goods are insured.

More opportunities

Our warehouses feature modern equipment, which enables storage of non-standard materials. From drive-in gates to 16 tonne lifts: great opportunities that cater to your unique needs.

What additional services are provided with warehouse rental?

Warehouse space alone does not solve all the problems – it is just a stage of long-term or short-term storage of goods. Additional services are necessary to manage the flow of your materials and products.

  • Cargo consolidation and deconsolidation allows better management of shipments and reduces freight cost per unit..
  • Packaging and repackaging enables the change of the initial distribution packages to final packages, in which the products are delivered to the end customers.
  • Proper securing of cargo reduces the risk of incidents and loss of goods in sea or air transport.
  • Palletisation enables the appropriate product arrangement for further distribution.

Thanks to proper equipment and work organisation, we can comprehensively handle our Clients’ shipments: from customs clearance, through repackaging, to dispatch – our services are by no means limited to warehouse space rental.

How can you rent a warehouse from Langowski Warehouses?

  • Specify your requirements and think what services you need.
  • If you are not sure, our advisors are there to help you.
  • Contact us to discuss the warehouse rental terms and conditions.
  • Sign a contract.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind and safety.

In what cities can you rent a warehouse with logistics service?




Modern warehouse equipment

Special cargo constitutes a difficult challenge in handling and storage. Therefore, appropriate cargo handling equipment is extremely important. Such equipment – for special tasks –

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What does the warehouse rental price depend on?

The warehouse rental price depends on location, contract period, as well as the type of stored goods and the scope of additional services. The price is always negotiable.

Find space for yourself

Contact us and find the warehouse space for your company – well connected, safe and modern warehouses will let your spread your wings.

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