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Gdynia - Warehouse logistics service

Logistics experts in the north of Poland

Modern warehouse located in a strategic location, in close proximity to BCT and GCT terminals and the S6 expressway.

warehouse class
5 200 m²
storage space
10000 m²
storage and transhipment yard
intelligent system

The warehouse in Gdynia offers comprehensive logistics services, including typical services such as short- and long-term storage, as well as transhipment services, repackaging and palletisation, stretching, weighing and labelling, as well as packaging and distribution of goods for, among others, the e-commerce industry.

Our services - Warehouse in Gdynia

Class “A+” CFS type warehouse. It also acts as a temporary storage warehouse, as well as a bonded warehouse. The storage area of the warehouse itself is 5,200 square metres, plus a 1,200-square-metre yard next to the warehouse itself and an 8,700-square-metre storage and handling yard dedicated in particular to oversized goods a few dozen metres away.

Contract logistics
Consolidation and deconsolidation
International shipping
Customs Agency

Why should you trust us?

Humidity and temperature verification, state-of-the-art control and security systems including 24-hour security, or an access ramp, drive-in gate make this one of the most versatile and ergonomic warehouses in the area.

Modern handling equipment
Bonded warehouse
Temporary storage warehouse
Storage and transhipment yard
HACCP system

Specialist equipment - Warehouse in Gdynia

Qualified staff and modern warehouse equipment, including forklift trucks with capacities ranging from 1.4 to 25 tons. All this guarantees efficient, timely and safe handling of goods.

Forklift truck with a lifting capacity of 25 tons

Forklift truck with 16 tonne capacity

Forklift truck with load capacity
1.4 - 1.7, 3.5 and 5 tons

Traverse for handling long components

WMS equipment, including, among others, a code scanner

Semi-automatic strapping machine for vertical strapping of pallets

Contract logistics

Warehouse with full logistical support

Warehouse logistics in Gdynia encompasses the process from receipt of goods, through storage, picking, packing, pallet management, a range of other additional services, to the preparation of shipping.

  • Qualified team of experienced logistics and warehousing specialists
  • State-of-the-art contract logistics solutions
  • State-of-the-art equipment and warehouse systems
  • Strategic location


Long and short term

The total area of the warehouse in Gdynia is 15,200 m² (including a 10,000 m² storage and transhipment yard). The warehouse also serves as a temporary storage facility and customs warehouse.

  • Floor load capacity: 5 t/m²
  • Net height: 10 m
  • Loading docks: 9 units
  • 24/7 security and safety systems
  • Monitoring

Storage and transhipment yard

25 tonne capacity trolley

A 10,000 sq m site equipped with modern handling equipment located in close proximity to the Port of Gdynia, container terminals and expressways.

Why should you choose a yard in Gdynia?
  •  Dedicated to the assembly of oversized cargo
  • Possibility of handling goods of any weight, as well as Project Cargo and Military Cargo
  • Tent hall (3,000 m²) for non-standard and weather-sensitive goods – coming soon

Consolidation and deconsolidation

Import and export services

Among the services offered by the warehouse in Gdynia is the consolidation and deconsolidation of containerised cargo for import and export, as well as the de-consolidation of containers, including, among others, cars from the USA.


  • Proximity to Port of Gdynia and BCT and GCT terminals
  • Professional handling equipment
  • Qualified staff of logistics specialists


Warehouses for online shops

The warehouse in Gdynia is also an excellent choice for online shops.

The location plays a key role here – proximity to the S6 expressway, which facilitates fast delivery throughout the Tricity.

  • Comprehensive service – receipt of goods into stock, stock management, picking, packaging, issuing and distribution)
  • Services for online shops (including reloading, repackaging, palletisation, stretch wrapping, weighing and labelling)
  • Automation – WMS enabling continuous control of goods 24 hours a day without leaving home

Outsourcing of warehouse services - advantages

Saving time

Cost saving

Timely delivery
Reliability of service

Security of goods

Remote control of goods

International freight forwarding

supported by own Customs Agency

We offer international containerised cargo transport (sea, rail, air and road transport), our own Customs Agency, depot services, as well as realisations in the field of – Project Cargo and Military Cargo.

  • Industry experience since 2004
  • Handling of cargo to the furthest corners of the world
  • Certification and membership of logistics networks
  • Operational warehouses worldwide

Specialised equipment in Gdynia warehouse.

wózek widłowy 25 ton

Forklift with lifting capacity of
25 tonne

trawers gdynia

Forklift with a cross beam for long elements

What warehouses are available in Gdynia?

In Gdynia, we offer a class A CFS warehouse. The warehouse floor space is 5,200 sqm plus a 10 000 sqm reloading yard, a short-term storage warehouse and a customs warehouse. These modern facilities are secured against unauthorised access, and equipped with fire protection system, monitoring and security, In the Gdynia warehouse, we use one of our largest forklifts with 16 tonne lifting capacity that can handle non-standard loads.

Net height
10 m

Floor load-bearing capacity
5 t / m2

Loading docks

HACCP system

Forklift with 16 tonne lifting capacity

Reloading yard
10 000 sqm

24-hour security


Safety systems

Fenced area

The advantages of our warehouse in Gdynia

Cargo handling

Handling cargo of any weight and size

Storage of goods

Long-term and short-term storage

Customs Agency

Customs Agency, customs warehouse and short-term storage warehouse.

Preparation for distribution

Cross-docking, picking, repacking and palletisation of goods.

Unforming containers

Unforming containers, e.g., with cars from the USA

Goods handling

Consolidation and deconsolidation of consignments.

Why is it worth considering warehouse rental in Gdynia?

Gdynia warehouses are perfectly located in terms of logistics – the access to the main line of a railway, road network and container port facilitate unrestricted commercial activity on a local or global scale.

Our warehouses in Gdynia are modern facilities – newly built or at least recently modernised to meet the expectations regarding efficient handling of large cargo flows from various directions. Mostly, they are also cheaper than warehouses in Gdańsk, being natural competitors due to their proximity.

Gdynia lies at the confluence of important pan-European and trans-European transport routes, and the city itself has a well developed road infrastructure, so travelling the “last mile” will not be a problem.

In the recent years, strong growth of warehouse construction has resulted in large availability of storage facilities with varied infrastructure and technical capacity, which means that it is usually easy to find a warehouse for rent.

How can you rent a warehouse from Langowski Warehouses in Gdynia?

  • Contact us by phone or using the contact form.
  • Tell us what you need, and if you have any questions – feel free to ask them. We will certainly be able to help you.
  • We will tailor an offer for warehouse rental in Gdynia just for you.
  • Sign a contract and enjoy your storage space.

We are there for you at every stage of the process. We can prepare an offer including additional logistics services, answer all your questions and address your concerns. If you require more information before making a decision, we look forward to hearing from you.

Why is it worth renting a warehouse with full logistics service in Gdynia from Langowski Warehouses?

Among all the available warehouses in Gdynia, Langowski Warhouses facilities are ones of the best located and most modern. Our range of services is extensive so we are certain that we can offer a warehouse that will satisfy your company’s needs.

  • Our warehouses are very modern, cost-efficient and ergonomic. They can be configured and adjusted to the user’s requirements.
  • Our warehouses feature a modern fire protection system, temperature and humidity control, monitoring and security system.
  • The forklift with 16 tonne lifting capacity enables handling non-standard and over-dimensional cargo.
  • We offer numerous additional services involving cargo handling on site, storage or customs clearance – agreed with the Client at the stage of drafting a contract for warehouse rental.
  • We make sure that our warehousemen are experienced specialists who perform their tasks efficiently and safely, taking proper care of your goods.

Our modern Gdynia warehouses enjoy an excellent location providing a great opportunity for you to fully develop your company’s potential.

The location of our warehouses in Gdynia

The class A+ warehouse is located in a close vicinity of BCT and GCT container terminals.

Kontenerowa 27, Gdynia

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