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Gdansk - Warehouse with logistics service

Logistics services Gdansk

An “A+” class logistics service warehouse located in the Pomeranian Logistics Center GLP in close proximity to the DCT Container Terminal, the A1 highway, and the S7 expressway.

17500 m²
food safety certificate
inteligent system

The warehouse in Lodz offers comprehensive logistics services, including reloading, repackaging and palletizing, stretch, weighing and labeling, as well as packaging and distribution of goods for the e-commerce industry, for example. The warehouse in Gdansk is both a high-bay warehouse complete with shelving and also free space.

Our services - Warehouse in Gdansk

The warehouse offers comprehensive logistics services, with the added advantages of flexibility and close cooperation with contractors.
Consolidation and deconsolidation
International shipping
Customs Agency

Why should you trust us?

Our temporary storage and bonded warehouses are a guarantee of professional and efficient service. Additional advantages of our warehouse in Gdansk are humidity and temperature control, round-the-clock security, as well as, among others, an intelligent WMS system giving the customer control over the goods without leaving home 24/7.

Modern handling equipment
Bonded warehouse
Temporary storage warehouse
Logistics experts
HACCP system
Intelligent WMS
Strategic location

Specialized equipment - Warehouse Gdańsk

Highly qualified warehouse logistics specialists, modern equipment and warehouse systems ensure efficient, timely and safe handling of goods.

Forklift with a capacity of up to 3.5 tons

Forklift with big bag mandrel

Forklift with grab for bales and rolled loads

Forklift for handling household appliances

WMS equipment, including, among others, a code scanner

Semi-automatic binder for vertical strapping of pallets

Contract logistics

Warehouse space Gdansk

Warehousing logistics in Gdansk includes a range of processes from receiving goods, storage, picking, packing, pallet management, as well as many other additional services. Contact us.

  • Modern warehouse equipment and systems (including WMS, HACCP)
  • Professional team of warehouse logistics specialists
  • Innovative solutions in the area of contract logistics
  • Strategic location – in proximity to expressways or the Baltic Hub deep-water terminal


Comprehensive logistics service

The total area of the warehouse in Gdansk is 17,500 sqm. In addition, the warehouse also serves as a temporary storage and bonded warehouse. It is equipped with monitoring and security systems.

  • Floor load capacity: 5t/m²
  • Net height: 10m
  • Number of pallet spaces: up to 14,750 pallets on shelves, up to 5,000 in zero slope level


Reloading hub

The warehouse in Gdansk has 26 loading docks ( including 4 drive-in gates). This gives the possibility of reloading both cardboard boxes, pallet goods and non-standard goods using forklifts with a capacity of up to 3.5 tons. Transshipment hub for international cargo streams.

What can we do for you?
  • Transshipment with storage
  • Cross-docking, which is the handling of goods without storage
  • Manual transshipment of goods, directly from container to car or with storage service

Consolidation and deconsolidation

Service in Import and Export

One of the services provided by the Gdansk warehouse are consolidation and deconsolidation of containerized cargo for both import and export. A great advantage is the warehouse’s location in close proximity to the Baltic Hub deep-water container terminal.


  • Reduced transportation costs for general cargo shipments
  •  Consolidation more flexible and tailored to the individual needs of the contractor


Warehouses for online stores

The warehouse is ideal for the e-commerce industry. The huge advantage here is – the strategic location.

  • Full logistics services – receipt of goods to the warehouse, inventory management, picking, packaging, goods release and distribution)
  • Dedicated services for online stores (including reloading, repackaging, palletizing, stretch wrapping, weighing or labeling, among others)
  • Automation – WMS system giving constant control over goods without leaving home

Outsourcing of warehouse services - advantages

Cost savings
Timeliness of deliveries
Reliability of service
Security of goods
Remote control of goods

International Shipping

Own Customs Agency

International transport and forwarding of containerized cargo by sea, rail, air and road, own Customs Agency, container depots, container services, as well as realizations from the scope – Project Cargo.

  • Cargo handling all over the world
  • Experience in the TSL industry since 2004
  • International certifications and affiliation with logistics networks
  • Operational warehouses around the world

Rental of warehouses with logistics service in Gdansk
– Langowski Warehouses

We offer warehouses with full logistics service for rent in one of the best locations in the region – Gdansk Warehouse.

Gdansk Warehouse is located in close vicinity of the Baltic Hub deep water container terminal (formerly DCT) in the Pomeranian Logistics Centre, at
ul. Kontenerowa 21.

Call us or write to us, check our offer and find out how our services can help your business.
Attractive location, wide range of additional services, and professionalism on every square metre – this is what we are proud of and this is how we want to convince you.
Choose the best option instead of the cheapest one.

Specialised equipment in Gdansk warehouse.

Forklift with a pole
for big bags

Forklift with a clamp for bails and rolls

logistyka magazynowa

Forklift for home appliance handling

What warehouses are available in Gdansk?

In Gdansk we offer a class A+ high storage warehouse and a free space warehouse for rent.
We also offer a short-time storage space and a modern reloading hub for the warehouse users.

Net height
10 m

Floor load-bearing capacity 5 t / m2

Loading docks
22 + 4

Up to 14,750 pallets on shelves

Up to 5,000 on ground level

4 drive-in gates

24-hour security


Warehouse Management System

Safety systems

The advantages of our warehouse in Gdansk

Reloading hub

Reloading hub for international cargo handling.

High storage

High storage warehouse.

Own Customs Agency

Own Customs Agency, short-term storage warehouse and customs warehouse.

Preparation for distribution

Cross-docking, packaging, repacking and palletisation of goods.

Goods handling

Consolidation and deconsolidation of consignments.


Modern goods flow management in the warehouse.

Why is it worth considering renting a warehouse with logistics service in Gdansk.

Excellent well-connected location.
Close to harbours, railway lines and main road junctions lets you efficiently dispatch goods from the modern warehouse space in Gdansk to any destination.

Good location of the Gdansk warehouse ensures easy accessibility, cost matching quality, and exceptional wealth of options, especially in the case of maritime shipping or distribution in the northern parts of Poland.

Our facilities are mostly newly built or at least recently modernised, which means that they are suitable for handling large cargo flows, and, in many cases, they feature modern solutions with a certain degree of automation.

In many Gdansk warehouses, the storage space is shared by many customers.
This lets us keep the contracts flexible, and makes the prices of our services acceptable.

How can I rent a warehouse with full logistics service in Gdansk from Langowski Warehouses?

  • Use your phone or the contact form.
  • Tell us what you need and we will do out best to find a warehouse in Gdansk that is appropriate for you.
  • If you have aby questions, ask them immediately – our advisors will find a solution to every problem.
  • Tell us if you need any additional services.
  • We will present the rental terms and conditions and you can just sign the warehouse rental contract.

Why is it worth renting a warehouse with full logistics service in Gdansk from Langowski Warehouses?

There is a lot of warehouse space in Gdansk, and much more outside with easy access to Gdansk ring road.
Then why choose our offer?

  • You will get access to the most modern warehouse space with a functional reloading hub for international shipments.
  • Our warehouses are operated by highly qualified personnel, managed using a modern control platform and you can always check what is happening with your goods.
  • We offer many supporting services on site: from labelling, through repacking, to customs clearance.
    You can get yourself a modern warehouse as well as professional logistics support.
  • When designing the warehouses, we considered not only the storage space but also accessibility, connectivity and convenience for both drivers and employees.
    This is important, as it makes our warehouses true class A facilities.
  • We have implemented the HACCP system ensuring food safety, which additionally increases the storage space functionality, and provides new opportunities that most other warehouses in Gdansk do not provide.
  • We are as flexible as possible, offering favourable conditions of cooperation for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as for businesses with very large volumes of goods.

When you decide to cooperate with us, you will obtain an experienced business partner with extensive market knowledge, not only regarding warehouse management but also the entire logistics process.
We understand your needs and do our best to fulfil them to the highest possible extent.

The location of our warehouses in Gdansk

The class A+ warehouse is located in a close vicinity of DCT container terminal, A1 motorway and S7 expressway.

Pomeranian Logistics Park GLP

Kontenerowa 21, Gdansk

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Call, write, visit us or use the contact form.
Provide the basic data and tell us what you need.
We will respond to your message as soon as possible.

Pomeranian Logistics Park GLP

Kontenerowa 21 Street, Gdansk

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Mon - Fri: 7:00 - 22:00

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