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Are you looking for a warehouse for rent with full logistics service for your company?
Do you want to make sure that cargo handling, receipt and dispatch are executed according to the highest industry standards?
Do you need a fully operational warehouse offering additional services?

Contact us to tell us what you need and we will prepare perfect storage space for rent with comprehensive logistics services in Lodz just for you.

Lodz- Warehouse logistics

Logistics experts in the centre of Polish

A modern warehouse located in close proximity to the railway container terminal, the A1 and A2 motorways and the S8 expressway in the very center of Polish – Lodz.

warehouse class
8000 m²
warehouse space
300 m²
storage and transshipment yard
Intelligent system


The warehouse in Łódź offers comprehensive logistics services ranging from reloading, repacking and palletizing to stretching, weighing and labelling, packaging and distribution. In addition, it also serves as a temporary warehouse, storage and bonded warehouse. An excellent choice for a warehouse for online stores (e-commerce industry).

Our services - Warehouse in Lodz

The warehouse offers comprehensive logistics services, and an additional advantage is flexibility and close cooperation with customers. The warehouse in Lodz also has permits from the veterinary inspectorate allowing the storage of feed and animal products in the warehouse.

Contract Logistic
and deconsolidation
International freight forwarding
Customs Agency

Why should you trust us?

Humidity and temperature verification, modern control and security systems with round-the-clock security, as well as a drive-in ramp and a drive-in gate make it one of the most versatile and ergonomic warehouses in the area.
Modern reloading equipment
Bonded warehouse
Temporary storage warehouse
Logistics experts
HACCP system
WMS inteligent system
Strategic location

Specialist equipment - Lodz warehouse

Thanks to our highly qualified staff and state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure efficient, timely and safe handling of goods.

Forklift truck with 5 ton capacity

Forklift with grab for bales and rolled loads

Forklift truck for handling white goods

Forklift with big bag mandrel

WMS equipment, including, among others, a code scanner

Semi-automatic strapping machine for vertical pallet strapping

Contract Logistics

Comprehensive logistics services

Warehouse logistics in Lodz encompasses the entire process from receipt of goods, storage, picking, packing, pallet management, a range of other additional services, right through to the preparation of shipping.

  • Professional team of experienced logistics and warehousing specialists
  • Innovative solutions in the area of contract logistics
  • Modern realoding equipment and warehouse systems
  • Modern infrastructure in an excellent location


Warehouses for online shops

The warehouse in Lodz is dedicated to online stores. The key role here is played by the excellent location – in the very center of Polish.

  • Comprehensive service – receipt of goods to the warehouse, inventory management, picking, packaging, release of goods, as well as distribution)
  • Services for online stores (including m.in. handling, repacking, palletizing, stretching, weighing, labelling)
  • Automation – a WMS system that allows you to constantly control your goods without leaving your home


Outsourcing of warehousing services - advantages



Cost saving


On-time deliveries
Reliable service
Goods safety
Remote control of goods

Consolidation and deconsolidation

Import & Export Service

Among the services offered by the Lodz warehouse is the consolidation and deconsolidation of cargo in a container in import and export. An additional advantage is the location of the warehouse in close proximity to the railway terminal.


  • Reduced transport costs for groupage shipments
  • Consolidation more flexible and tailored to the individual needs of the counterparty


with specialized equipment

The warehouse in Lodz has 14 loading docks. This makes it possible to reload both cartons, pallet goods and non-standard goods with the use of forklifts with a lifting capacity of up to 5 tons.

What can we do for you?

  • Transhipment and storage
  • Cross-docking, i.e. transshipment of goods without storage
  • Manual handling of goods, directly from the container to the truck or with a storage service


Comprehensive logistics services

The total area of the warehouse in Lodz is 8300 m² (including 300 m² of storage and transshipment yard). In addition, the warehouse also serves as a temporary storage and bonded warehouse.

  • Number of pallet spaces: approx. 3400
  • Net height: 10 m
  • Floor load capacity: 5t/m²

International Freight Forwarding

own Customs Agency

International transport of containerized cargo (sea, rail, air and road transport), own Customs Agency, container services, as well as Project Cargo and Military Cargo.

  • Experience in the TSL industry since 2004
  • Cargo handling around the world
  • International certifications and affiliation with logistics networks
  • Operational warehouses around the world

What warehouses are available in Lodz?

Our Lodz warehouses have the storage floor space of 8,000 sqm and an additional 300 sqm dock.
It is a modern facility approved by the Veterinary Inspection for the storage of feed and animal products.
The height of 10 metres, a ramp, a drive-in gate, and modern control and security systems make it one of the most versatile and ergonomic warehouses around.

Net height
10 m

Floor load-bearing capacity 5 t / m2

Loading docks

Drive-in gate and a ramp

Humidity and temperature control

24-hour security, monitoring and safety systems

HACCP system

Approval for the storage of animal products (veterinary)

Short-term storage warehouses

Customs warehouses

Specialised equipment in Lodz warehouse.

Forklift with a pole

Forklift with a clamp for bails and rolls

logistyka magazynowa

Forklift for home appliance handling

The advantages of our warehouse in Lodz

Reloading hub

Reloading hub for international cargo handling.

Storage of goods

Long-term and short-term storage, high storage.

Own Customs Agency

Our own Customs Agency, customs warehouse and short-term storage warehouse.

Preparation for distribution

Cross-docking, picking, repacking and palletisation of goods.

Unforming containers

Unforming containers with imported goods

Cargo consolidation

Cargo consolidation for export to China and CIS countries

Why is it worth considering warehouse rental in Lodz?

In terms of logistics, Lodz is a perfect location.
This is where the key North-South and East-West routes, as well as main railway lines, meet.
Well developed transport infrastructure makes it possible to reduce the time to reach the warehouse and makes the whole logistics process virtually unhindered.
Many companies providing all kinds of services are based here, which facilitates finding customers within a short distance from the warehouse.

With the development of road infrastructure, new warehouses were established in and around Lodz – most of these facilities are newly built so the warehouses for rent meet the requirements of modern companies.

The location is excellent, but due to high availability of warehouse space and being perceived as slightly inferior to warehouses in Warsaw, Gdansk or Gdynia, warehouse rental in Lodz may be a much cheaper option.

How can you rent a warehouse from Langowski Warehouses in Lodz?

Our warehouse for rent is one of the most modern facilities in the region so we have decided to make the rental procedure as straightforward as possible.

  • Write to us or call us to tell us what you need.
  • If you have any questions, you can include them in your message so that our advisors can answer immediately.
  • We will prepare an offer for you.
  • Read it, accept the terms and conditions and sign a contract.
  • Unload the first shipment and start working efficiently.

We are there for you at every stage of our cooperation.
We will provide you with information, answer your questions, address your concerns and we will always assist you whenever there is a problem.

Why is it worth renting a warehouse with full logistics service in Lodz from Langowski Warehouses?

Warehouse for rent with full logistics service in Lodz from Langowski Warehouses is a very modern facility ensuring worry-free business activity.
The decision to choose our offer shows how much you care about your company.

  • The warehouse is located in a well-connected area, close to the most important roads and at a short distance from railway stations.
  • Our facility is certified by the Veterinary Inspection as suitable for storing animal products and feeds.
  • Modern safety systems and WMS let you control the level and status of the goods entrusted to us at any time.
  • Our extensive offer of complementary services enables you to develop your business activity without additional financial burden.

Our warehouse for rent with full logistics service in Lodz is operated by highly qualified personnel using state-of-the-art equipment, which means that the goods entrusted to us are handled safely and without delays that are quite common in other warehouses.

The location of our warehouses in Lodz

The class A+ warehouse with logistics service is located in a close vicinity of railway container terminal, A1 and A2 motorways and S8 expressway.

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