Offer for Ecommerce

Warehouses for E-commerce

The process of handling online stores​

Integration with e-stores

– Integration with all major e-commerce platforms

Receipt of goods

– Comprehensive unloading
– Quantitative and qualitative verification

Warehousing of goods

– Special storage area – permanent online access to the warehouse

Confectioning of goods

packing, repacking, labelling

Order picking

– selection, collection and preparation of goods for shipment at the customer’s request

Shipping to the customer

– cooperation with the largest courier companies
– monitoring the status of the shipment

Warehouses for E-commerce

An excellent choice for online stores

Warehouse logistics at Langowski Logistics consists of modern “A+” class warehouses with comprehensive logistics services, as well as customs warehouses and temporary storage facilities in strategic locations across Poland, supported by our own Customs Agency.

51 000 m²
warehouse space
20 000 m²

storage and transshipment yard

inteligent system

The warehouses are equipped with state-of-the-art handling equipment and a WMS system that allows customers to constantly control the entrusted goods 24 hours a day.

Services we offer

as part of warehouse logistics

Unmolding the container

Unloading and storing goods


Repacking, weighing, stretching, palletizing, and more


Product marking to facilitate logistics processes in the warehouse


Preparing goods for shipment at the customer’s request


Registration and transfer of parcels to a transport company or courier

"A+" class warehouses

Warehouses with full logistics services

We offer warehouse space of the highest standard with modern systems, security and monitoring.

Additional advantages are:

  • A qualified team of experienced logisticians and warehousemen
  • Modern solutions in the area of ​​contract logistics
  • The latest equipment and storage systems
  • Strategic warehouse locations

Strategic locations

51 000 m2 in Poland

The excellent location of warehouses in Gdańsk, Gdynia, Łódź and Pruszków near Warsaw, close to container terminals, expressways and motorways is undoubtedly a huge advantage. The total offered warehouse space is 51,000 m2.


and modern equipment

All warehouses are equipped with modern handling equipment, including a reachstacker with a lifting capacity of up to 45 tons, a 24-hour security system (fenced and supervised area, alarm system, CCTV), as well as an intelligent WMS (Warehouse Management System) enabling customers to have constant online access and control over the stored goods.

Our own Customs Agency

Comprehensive service at every stage

Langowski Logistics’ own customs agency will take care of comprehensive customs clearance services for both export and import. Warehouse space also offers temporary storage warehouses and bonded warehouses.

Warehouse for Ecommerce

Running w web store requires efficient distribution. A distribution warehouse may help to significantly reduce own costs and additionally improve the execution of any number of orders.


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    Our capabilities

    We have excellently equipped warehouses in perfect locations: Gdynia, Gdańsk, Łódź and Warsaw.

    Comprehensive operation of your web store through our warehouses means entrusting the task to highly qualified personnel.

    We have a network of 4 own networks with full logistics service occupying a total floor space of

    51,000 m2.

    You entrust us with important tasks associated with your business but you have full control over your warehouse space and the way we manage your web store orders.

    You entrust your merchandise to professionals – it will be stored in an excellent warehouse that is protected, safe and insured.


    Do you have any questions? Would you like to learn more? Contact us! We will provide you with all the answers you need.

    Advantages of a warehouse for ecommerce

    For a business – not just a small one – using the services of a distribution warehouse is a perfect way to reduce costs and remain flexible. By choosing the appropriate ecommerce warehouse you can change the way your business operates in a given economic environment and gain competitive advantage.

    A distribution warehouse is a solution that web store owners may choose and see the advantages it has compared to managing your own warehouse.

    The dedicated ecommerce module gives you the possibility of using API connection and integration with BaseLinker.

    Reduced costs of employment and warehouse maintenance - fixed, predictable costs of storage and distribution.

    Shorter order execution time thanks to the qualified warehouse personnel. Time saving - you outsource the time-consuming tasks to the external warehouse.

    Comprehensive service from order picking, including leaflet attachment, packing, and labelling, to handing the package over to a courier.

    You can choose a warehouse near your customers to reduce the costs of distribution and reduce the time of delivery

    Thanks to modern tools (WMS) you retain control over the entire process.

    Improved return handling by directing them to the distribution warehouse.

    What is a distribution warehouse for ecommerce?

    Distribution warehouse is not a place, it is a service.

    It obviously involves the storage of goods available in your web store, but most of all it transfers the responsibility for their picking, attaching leaflets or discount coupons, packing, labelling and distribution from the web store administration to the warehouse personnel. Picking and dispatching your customers’ orders constitute an integral part of distribution warehouse service for ecommerce.

    What services and features are available in the scope of distribution warehouse rental for ecommerce?

    WMS – real time control of stocks

    Warehouse Management System (WMS) enable you to control the product location in the warehouse, deliveries, releases or complaints. They can be upgraded to include monitoring or reporting. For example, in the case of ecommerce warehouses, it is important to control consignment issuance for delivery.

    Comprehensive service at every stage.

    The ecommerce warehouse personnel is responsible for the preparation of packages for dispatch, so the labelling, picking, packing or palletising services constitute an important element of shipment. It is not only about performing the tasks associated with this process, but doing it in a timely manner and avoiding losses.

    Consolidation and deconsolidation

    Web store employees do not need to deal with consolidation or deconsolidation of shipments – the goods may be accepted from a container in one of our 4 warehouses (Gdynia, Gdańsk, Warsaw, Łódź) and they can be sent in a container to any destination in the world.

    How to start cooperation with us?

    In the beginning, we will need a few precise pieces of information regarding your business activity – all can be included in a single message.

    • Write a message or call us and tell us what you need.
    • We will prepare a personalised offer for you.
    • Accept it or suggest changes and sign a contract.

    In ecommerce industry, it is flexibility that matters, so we want to talk to you about your expectations towards our cooperation and the scope of services you actually need. We are able to cater to virtually all clients, so we will certainly find a good solution for you.

    Warehouses for web stores with full logistics service - Langowski Warehouses

    Warehouse logistics with Langowski Warehouses is easy. As an ecommerce company, you can count on our support at any time. If you have any questions regarding our services, this is a good time to ask them, and if your already know everything you need, write to us or call us. We will be happy to become the logistics services provider for your web store.


    Call, write, visit us or use the contact form. Provide the basic data and tell us what you need. We will respond to your message as soon as possible.


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