Temporary storage warehouse

Temporary storage warehouses

Temporary storage warehouses located in key Polish cities such as Gdańsk, Gdynia, Warsaw, and Łódź offer a strategic advantage by allowing you to postpone the customs clearance of your goods.

These facilities provide a secure environment where your merchandise can be stored safely pending the completion of necessary customs documentation and procedures.

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4 warehouses
in Poland

Temporary storage

Bonded warehouses

Own Customs

Temporary storage warehouse

Our temporary storage warehouses give you the possibility of postponing the customs clearance of your goods when you are unable to submit a customs declaration (missing documents, missing labels, long waiting time for subsequent transport).

The storage period may not be longer than 90 days.


Class A+ warehouses

Four own class A+ warehouses, bonded warehouses, and temporary storage warehouses in strategic locations with the total floor space of 51,000 sqm., equipped with modern cargo handling equipment, 24-hour security system, as well as HACCP system and WMS.

Own Customs Agency

We hold the prestigious Authorized Economic Operator (AEO FULL) certificate ensuring customs clearance according to all the valid customs procedures in Poland and abroad.

As part of the customs and warehouse services, we offer the rental of temporary storage and bonded warehouses in Poland.


Strategic locations in Poland

Our warehouses are located close to terminals, main expressways and motorways – in Gdansk, Gdynia, Warsaw and Lodz.

Our offer includes short-term and long-term storage, consolidation and deconsolidation, handling, repacking and palletising, shrink-wrapping, weighing and labelling, as well as packaging and distribution of goods at the Client’s request.

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Temporary storage warehouse
in Gdansk

Temporary storage warehouse
in Gdynia

Temporary storage warehouse
in Warsaw

Temporary storage warehouse
in Lodz

Langowski Warehouses

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We are a modern family company established in Gdynia in 2004. We provide international shipping services by sea, rail, air and road freight. We also have 4 own warehouses in strategic locations in Poland, as well as our own Customs Agency.

Currently, the company employs over 300 specialists who take care of timely execution of orders every day.

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